Thursday, May 25, 2017

Determination! Perseverance! Hope!

The 15th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry will be held in Sydney -  9 - 12 March 2018!

I am going! The accommodation is booked and I am now waiting for Registrations to be open, 
so I can save and register!

Congress has announced the keynote speakers

The Legal Genealogist, Judy G.Russell

This being the case - I am DETERMINED - to get this blog up and going!
PERSERVERANCE will pay off! I have HOPE that by Congress I can proudly say I am a Genieblogger!

Stay tuned - I may not have been blogging but I have things to share!
The plan is to blog weekly!! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Love Trove! (Ask anyone who knows me, I say it all the time!)

How do I love Thee!     Let me count the ways!

When NLA introduced Trove into my life, little did I realise how important it would become in my family history research!
Since beginning using Trove I have not only used it to find out information about my family that no-one had ever mentioned BUT also it has enabled me to imagine the time in which my ancestors lived, as I can read the newspaper reports of the time when they lived.
I can do all this whilst living away from Sydney - I would never be able to get this information in my life time otherwise!
At first I could only view papers from Sydney but as it has developed there are now papers from all over that I can view, which is great as families moved around a lot in the past!

A FEW things I learned about my family:
One of my ancestors was in gaol for a few years!
The Coroners Report of a murder that was committed! The newspaper reports about the murder!
The death of a relative and why it impacted on his daughter so much!
The member of the family that assisted when the Dunbar sank.
Funeral Notices - revealing unknown people that knew/related to our family
Marriage Notices - confirming details in the family
Stories about my Great Great Grandfathers 80th birthday celebration and his funeral! Which showed how well regarded he was in the area in which he lived.
I could follow the New Zealand tour of a municipal band that my Grandfather was in. I could share this with my mother who never knew just how well regarded the band were as her father was killed when she was young, so those stories never got told as they normally would.

Trove allows for you to fix the OCR text, this engages users! Most users that I know correct the text they are reading (if needed) so that is will be easier for others to search, because the old print does not always OCR well!

Trove is a great resource for all - for research at ANY level! It is a National

From Federal Government budget cuts. Which is hard to believe!
Our National Library is losing $6 million dollars in budget cuts!

To find out more - google "Trove budget cuts"
Please go and sign the petition

Post about how you use Trove and use the hashtag  #fundTrove

Never used Trove - go and check it out! WARNING - it is addictive!

Some good articles on the threat to Trove:

Monday, October 12, 2015

Some links that may be of use

The internet is a wonderful tool and facebook has enhanced it....

We are able to share websites that we find as well as information and get assistance on deciphering writing.

This week there are four items of interest which I thought were worthwhile in sharing here:

The first is to do with World War One it is a pictorial honour roll of Australians using the enlistment/embarkation photos of soldiers. Pictorial Honour Roll of Australians WW1

Secondly, a wonderful resource from Katherine R. Willson (Professional Speaker, Genealogist, Artist) who has put together a list (pdf) which is hyperlinked of the 5,700+ facebook pages & groups - Including a Table of Contents page to assist! 5,700+ facebook pages and groups Go and like her facebook page at
Katherine R Willson Public Speaker then you will even be notified when the list is updated!
It was last updated 6 Oct 2015!

Thirdly, Genetic Genealogy Ireland may be able to offer you a  free DNA tests if you qualify. You will need to go to Genetic Genealogy Ireland and read all the relevant information on their page!

Lastly, another list provided by Katherine R. Willson - this time it is Active Genealogy youtube channels
Active genealogy youtube channels

That should keep everyone busy for the next week! If you find a great website that is not mentioned here please post in the comments section!

Happy Genealogical Travels this week!!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Missed me?!

I know I have been very remiss in posting, and I have previously promised to do better..... well I am going to try again! I have decided it is not necessary to write epistles every entry, but perhaps to just part something of interest it begins.....

This is a short post.... but may be very helpful!

On facebook there are often requests to decode handwriting, often it is a place name and for those, in
Australia or anywhere apart from the UK, who may not have a working knowledge of all the counties and towns in the UK I have found a website, which may just be one of those sites you need to save in favourites!

A - Z of English Towns and Counties - this is not a genealogical site it is the site for Great Britain's Economic and Trade Digest - but we should all be thankful it is there!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

The 14th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry

I am sitting in the Hunter Valley.....not attending this great gathering of like minded people, however I am able to get an idea as to the fun, learning and interesting times they are having via the geneabloggers that are there.

To find out more...please go and visit geniaus' blog...where she has thoughtfully compiled the list of blog posts from the bloggers there... 

Here is the link

Friday, July 11, 2014

A Date with The Necropolis!

For many years I had passed Rookwood Cemetery, viewing it from the train as I travelled to and from work.
I never had the opportunity to go there. I had no reason to know I could visit relatives there.
Then I found one, years ago - a great great Aunt and her husband....but I had moved away and my friend went and took photos for me.
However, in the last 2 years I found that my maternal Great Great Grandparents were buried there and after making the decision that whilst visiting friends this school holidays we (my girls and I) would go on the hunt...and adventure - when mentioned the 14yo and 6yo were not really keen, even when I tried to explain that the cemetery was as big as the major city we live near!
Mentioning this to my parents about a week ago, my father reminded me that my Great Grandparents were in the Cremation area of Rookwood. (I actually do not know that I even knew that to be honest) - This was fantastic news as now the visit to Rookwood, the awe inspiring cemetery, that was once a suburb with my Great Great Uncle as its first Mayor was going to be more exciting (well for me anyway).
I did my prep. work and called the office to find grave numbers, as the search engine on the website is currently down. The burial office were extremely helpful, however the cremation office were unable to help as the computers had 'frozen' so just told me to pop in.
Today arrived, we rugged up, ensured we wore comfortable sensible shoes and headed off. We began at the Anglican Burial Information Office as even with the grave would be like finding a needle in a haystack. They narrow the information down to rows and give you a printed map to show you the grave.
Off we find grave number one my great great grandmother......we found her but even the 14yo was a bit grave work instead pavers and a rock stuck on top and then a brass plague that detailed her tree. On the up side we knew we were at the right place, however AND LET THIS BE A WARNING it tended to indicate that her husband was here too.....HE does not lie with his wife in the Anglican Section, but quite a bit away in the Independent section. This is where we headed next.....I was really gratefully for the office mud map, as it told me the names of burial sites around my Great Great Grandfather....we found the site of the man next to him, and a mown lawn where he would be. We cleared it and in doing so found that there had been some concrete there at some stage...
Two down.....4 to go.....
The next 2 were not too hard to find once bearings of location were gained and as they were years ago when my friend took the photos they have not weathered too badly (although some restoration work would be good).
Now off to the crematorium....for those who are planning to go to Rookwood...note there is a Catholic Crematorium Office and then another Crematorium Office for everyone else.
They had to look up handwritten records to find where my Great Grandparents were in the wall, but the fact I had the date of death meant the wait was less than 10mins.  We headed off to find them and the 14yo commented on how nice it was, when questioned whether she meant the current area or all of Rookwood, she said all of Rookwood.  The trees, birds and quietness of it really appealed to her. It is here I will let you know she is now happy to return with me to do some cleaning up of the grave sites (hope yet I may pass the genie gene on)  We found my Great Greats side by side and the plagues are in good condition.
It was a nice trip (the 6yo may differ, but did not mind the traipsing through the graves at the time).

If you do not have a relative in Rookwood Cemetery, go there anyway, leave a bit of time. It is an interesting place that is home to 1000's of past residents of our country and they date back to the 1800's.

I am looking forward to the return trip and ensuring my ancestors are named and can be found in the future.

Rookwood Cemetery Website

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dead Relatives - Hiding behind Names

Brutal title I know, however it is true and until tonight I had no idea.
I am searching my husbands side of the family at the moment which is not an easy feat given even his mother only new limited details about the grandparents but thought there was Jewish connections somewhere.
But during the past twelve months, I have discovered that the family seemed to enjoy changing first names and on occasion surnames.
This is why, up to the moment I can only go back on one line 4 generations and 3 on the other.
Tonight I discovered a small gem, not that it has assisted with my research a great deal but it has proven that names are not always closely related to the original.
Barnet Schniter is not related to Bernard Simmonds anyway you look at it, yet they are the same person. My proof....The London Gazette I suggest that if you are trying to find someone in the UK during the 1900's you go and have a look here for two reasons.
The first, if they were naturalised they are in the London Gazette and you may be lucky to have former names and spellings there. Secondly, if they changed their name by deed poll it is published in the Gazette stating what was and what will be there name.
The fact that my husbands side appears to be Jewish Polish Immigrants to the UK, is making this journey interesting to say the least! I am nearly finished my Research Polish Ancestors course through National Institute for Genealogical Studies and whilst it is really for those with family in USA or Canada, it has been enlightening about Poland and the history of the country as well as providing some great resources to follow up and consider in my future research plans.
So, if you have relatives from the UK, why not go and search their surnames never know what may pop up in a search of the London Gazette!!